“I feel like, in general, as long as you consistently check up on your car and don’t just leave it there to sit then it is safe because then people are going to watch and say it’s been there for awhile. Take care of your car and know where it is.” 

-Riley Hull, 18, biomedical engineering


“No. There’s barely any cameras in the parking lot to deter any kind of theft. Even worse, anyone can hop that fence and go in someones car at any time of the day. There’s nothing to deter someone from trying to break in to your car.”

-Victor Rodgers, 24, sociology and psychology 


“For the most part, yes. We do get the newsletter that says sometimes there’s robbings, so I do get kind of nervous at night if I am walking by myself. But I have never had problems.”

-Tara Shen, 28, business 


“I don’t really have a reason not to think so. We have security cars driving around all the time, and I don’t think other students would be willing to hurt other cars.”

- Johneice Anderson, 23, chemistry


“Absolutely. I’ve never had a problem with anyone breaking in to my car, I guess being on campus doesn’t really affect if it’s safe or not. I’ve never really felt that it is in danger or anything.”

-Steven Watson, 18, Japanese

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