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With the spring semester coming to a close, students are beginning to plan their summer break. While many students will take the time to recover from the semester, others plan to continue working.

Hunter Tockey, a student at the University of Memphis, said he plans to use his summer for school and work.

“I will be working at Finish Line for probably about 30-40 hours, then I will be going to summer school at Southwest (Community College) for two portions of the summer,” Tockey said.

Tockey said he only has one trip planned so far for this summer, and then he will continue his work.

“For a vacation, I believe I’m going to go visit my family in Oklahoma because I haven’t seen them in almost three years,” Tockey said. “I don’t really have any other vacations planned, but I will probably be doing shadowing hours for my grad school just so I can get ahead on that, so literally all I will be doing is working, school, one trip and then the rest is just free game for me.”

Jacob Carnell, another student, said he will also be spending most of his summer working.

“I am going to be working at FedEx this summer,” Carnell said. “It’s going to be great. I will also be doing some landscaping and selling pest control for Terminix. I will also be going up to D.C. for about five or six days to tour the area. Then, I’ll spend the last few days at Virginia Beach.”

Other students will be spending their time on vacation with their families. Jackson Mills said he will be going to Disney World with his family this summer.

“My mom planned a surprise family trip to Disney World on June 1, and my little sister and brother do not know about it, so they’re going to surprise them with it,” Mills said. “Then for the rest of the summer, I will be working at Holy Rosary Catholic School. I am in an after school care worker, but during the summer, it’s more of a summer camp. While their parents are at work, I’ll be watching them and playing games with them.”

Other students plan to use this time to further explore their religion and heritage. Riley Pope said he will be visiting Israel this summer.

“The Israel trip is my birthright tour, so I had to apply for it,” Pope said. “And it is based on my heritage and ancestral links to being Jewish, not actually through religion. There is basically a bunch of wealthy Jewish guys who fork over a bunch of money to pay for people like me to go and visit Israel.”

Pope said he believes this trip will be very educational for him.

“This trip is a lot about educating people like me about the different issues going on there, so when I come back I can keep Israel in mind, everything else is kind of a toss up,” Pope said. “I might fly from Israel to Paris and stay with a friend of mine.”

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