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The University of Memphis Student Government Association had a meeting in the University Center Senate Chamber on Thursday that was mainly centered around five different bills and resolutions constructed by senators.

The resolutions covered the issues of traffic safety on the U of M campus, more dining options in the Tiger Den, the recognition of Veteran’s Day and the lack of access to printers for U of M students.

Jake Myers, an SGA senator, sponsored a resolution to implore the City of Memphis to add more crosswalks onto Zach H. Curlin Street. The idea is to implement marked crosswalks to improve the safety for students who need to cross the road. SGA, U of M administration and the City of Memphis would discuss the resolution. This bill would come into effect by spring 2019. SGA voted to pass the bill in a unanimous decision.

Myers said he feels there is a strong need for crosswalk implementation because of the number of students who cross the road there and the lack of safe options for them to do so.

“All of the general (parking) lots do not have crosswalks,” Myers said. “I’ve seen a lot of students dart across the street or stand a while and wait.”

SGA also discussed expanding the Tiger Den’s menu. Desiree’ Dyson, another SGA senator, proposed a resolution that would enable students to suggest food options to Tiger Den managers. The plan is not costly to implement. This resolution was approved unanimously.

Dyson shared her personal experience regarding the food options in the Tiger Den while presenting her proposal at Thursday’s meeting.

“There were not many options at the Tiger Den last year when I was a freshman,” Dyson said. “I found myself using money out of my pocket for food at the UC.”

SGA Senator Evan Barringer proposed the third resolution that suggested SGA observe Veteran’s Day on Nov. 9. The resolution was approved. He said it was important to celebrate Veteran’s Day while classes are in session and students are on campus because students will not be on campus on the actual holiday, which is celebrated nationally Nov. 11.

“Although the national holiday is not the same date, we just wanted to recognize the service of the veterans,” Barringer said.

Karen Vuong, an SGA Senator, proposed the fourth resolution, which was for the installation of two printers in both Wilder Tower and Patterson Hall as well as a copy machine in the Tech Hub on the second floor of the UC. This bill would not be costly to implement and would be enacted in spring 2019.

Vuong said there needs to be more places for students to print things like assignments on campus.

“I have found that we have a scarce amount of printers on campus,” Vuong said. “We are going to try to get printers installed in Wilder and Patterson.”

SGA will host a Town Hall meeting, which all students can attend to ask senators any questions, in the UC Senate Chamber at 7 p.m. Nov. 15.

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