The University of Memphis stated in a press release on behalf of Raaj Kurapati that the realignment of Patterson Street will be underway on Sept. 30.

According to Assistant Director of Business Financial Operations Ladonnal Curry,  construction will greatly improve safety for commuters.

“The long awaited realignment of the Patterson Street/Walker Avenue/railroad intersection has been bid and contracted and construction is scheduled to begin Sept. 30. Crews from Enscor construction, contracted by the City of Memphis, will be performing the work,” Curry said. “The project will significantly improve safety and reduce traffic congestion for one of the busiest areas on campus.”

The project will be completed in two phases throughout the rest of the school year. The first phase will result in several parking lot closures as well Mynders Avenue. This will also be the longest of the two phases as it will come to an end in June 2020.

“The work will be completed in two phases over the next calendar year,” Curry said.

“Phase one will close the Patterson Lot 19, Mynders Avenue, Wilder Visitor Lot 32 and the Patterson Street entrance to the LLC Lot 35. Patterson Lot 19 permit holders have been notified and will be temporarily relocated during construction,” the press release said. “The Mynders entrance to the LLC Lot 35 will remain open and permit holders will be minimally affected, but may park in another resident location at any time during construction. This phase will last until June 2020 and will allow the contractor time to construct the realigned Patterson Street through these existing parking lots.”

Phases two will primarily focus on the reconstruction of Patterson Street as well as sidewalks and parking lots.

“Phase two will begin in June 2020 and traffic on Patterson will be rerouted onto the new street. Parking will be reconstructed on the east (campus side) of Patterson. This phase will last until October 2020, the completion of the project,” Curry said. “The project will provide new streets, sidewalks, lighting, signage and extensive irrigated landscaping, and will transform the existing hazardous area into a new and safe entrance to the campus.”

Angela Floyd, Director of Parking and Transportation Services at the U of M, said this city project will cause little-to-no problems for traffic flow.

“Traffic flow on Patterson and Walker will not change during phase one,” Floyd said. “When Phase two begins, traffic on Patterson will be rerouted onto the new street so there will be little-to-no disruption to traffic flow.”

Floyd mentioned that student parking will only be minimally effected during the entirety of the project.

“Lot 19 is primarily a Faculty/Staff parking lot so impact on student parking will be minimal,” Floyd noted. “The LLC Lot 35 is a resident parking lot; however, only a small portion of this lot will be affected and Lot 35 permit holders will have access on their U of M permit to other resident lots during construction.”

Floyd stated that this project is primarily for the safety of students at the U of M.

“This is a long awaited project for the City of Memphis and U of M,” Floyd said. “Student safety is a priority and this change will improve safety and reduce the traffic congestion that currently exists.”

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