Dr. M. David Rudd is stepping down from his position as president in May 2022. He will return to his role as a tenured professor, along with conducting scientific research and clinical care. 

After seven years as the president of the University of Memphis, Dr. M. David Rudd will be stepping down from his position to return to teaching and research, according to an email and Twitter statement on March 10. 

Although he will not be in the office that many current students will recognize him from, Rudd said that he will still be on campus. As a tenured professor and clinical psychologist, he plans to return to “the important work of teaching, scientific research and clinical care” that he “set aside 15 years ago” when he moved into an administrative role. 

When originally asked how long I would serve at the senior level, I said it would not be longer than a decade,” he wrote. “Earlier today, I informed our Trustees this will be my last year as president.”

Rudd served as provost for one year before stepping into the role of president, taking over after Shirley C. Raines in 2014. He is the UofM’s 12th president and plans to remain in his position for “as long as needed to allow for a successful national search and provide for an orderly transition in 2022.”

Rudd joins Rhodes College President Majorie Hass as the second local college president to announce that they are stepping down. Hass announced last week that she would be leaving her role and packing her bags for Washington D.C. to be the president of the Council of Independent Colleges. 

The university did not immediately respond to a request for comments and this story will be updated in the coming days. 

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