The Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Chapter hosted a Healthy Hair & Skin Symposium event Wednesday, Oct. 16, for female students inside the University of Memphis Psychology Auditorium.

The sorority discussed the importance of class, how to connect with professors and how to save money when buying supplies for class. The representatives also provided information on adjusting to campus life for students.

Albany Merriweather, vice president of the Epsilon Kappa Chapter of Delta Sigma Incorporated, said their event was tailored toward a female demographic to inform them on the “do’s and don’ts” of a college lifestyle.

“We wanted to give students basic information about college that is not presented inside of a classroom or at other university events that are held,” Merriweather said. “The primary focus of this event was to inform students on how to enhance their campus life.”

For the Delta’s first event, the sorority collaborated with local cosmetologists and estheticians to educate young women on ways to improve their skin and hair. Merriweather, along with the rest of the chapter, wanted to host an event to guide UofM students about enhancing their look while attending college.

Kaylah Johnson, financial sectary of the Epsilon Kappa Chapter of Delta Sigma Incorporated, shared her thoughts on why students should be interested in their events.

“We want to address the different struggles of college and produce ways of getting through that,” Johnson. “I think if people really know why or what you’re discussing, it’ll resonate with them more. It’s more relatable, and it helps people be more resilient in their walk-through college.”

UofM senior Katlyn Morris said she heard about the event through the sorority’s social media posts and had the opportunity to network with other representatives.   

“I really like when the young ladies were talking about how college is an opportunity to network because sometimes, we do lose sight of that,” Morris said. “It is a good opportunity to really know people and hopefully build relationships to take with you forever. I really did like that.”

Another UofM student, Jadah Pree, also found out about the event through students posting about the event on social media. She shared her thoughts about the discussion, stating that she took notes from the event.

“I took quite a few notes from the event. I learned how to fight procrastination to better myself as a student,” Pree said. “I also learned how to become a better student by attending office hours and using my outlook calendar. I would encourage my friends to attend because it was lit. We actually learned a ton.”

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