The University of Memphis` organization Colleges Against Cancer kicked off a fundraiser this month to raise revenue for the upcoming Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk.

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk is an annual event that takes place every October. This year the event will be hosted at the Liberty Bowl Oct. 20 in hopes to raise awareness of breast cancer and to raise funds. The crowd is usually covered in pink attire while they walk for 3 miles to support people who have breast cancer.

Colleges Against Cancer hosted a meeting Thursday to discuss ideas and ways that they can raise awareness.

Founder Reyna Jeanniton, President of Colleges Against Cancer at the UofM, said she has hopes of getting students and faculty involved in the fight against Cancer.

“We all should care or at least be aware of Cancer because it affects everyone in some way,” Jeanniton said. “If we focused on awareness, we can stomp out cancer. At the American Cancer Society, I’m doing a lot of lobbying and a lot of research to ensure we eradicate this disease.”

Jeanniton started this organization along with Co-Founder Korey Lopez in hopes to make a difference and bring awareness to the UofM.

“Reyna told me about the idea, and I thought it was really cool,” Lopez said. “I wanted to help, and I did. We connected afterward, and we made this happen. We literally started from the ground up.”

Jeanniton elaborated on why everyone should be aware of Cancer in general and the dangers of not realizing if it is affecting you or not. She explained how she doesn’t want her family to fall prey to Cancer, and even if they did how to deal with this illness.

“Cancer affects a lot of people and maybe some people more than others, but it’s important to know,” Lopez said. “You can educate yourself so you know fight against Cancer and develop a support system. It’s a tough thing to go through, but if you know the risk early, you’re already prepared.”

Jeanniton talked about why it was incredibly important to her to bring the fight to the UofM.

“I have family who has been diagnosed with cancer, so it really did affect me,” Jeanniton said. “I wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself and to help other people do that too. It’s just important for me to find something in college to be passionate about.”

Other members discussed how they joined and found out about Colleges Against Cancer. Public Relations major Destiny Hilton heard about the organization through social media. Hilton talked about why she joined and why it’s important to know about Cancer.

“I have family members that have cancer, and I recently had an auntie that recently passed away from ovarian cancer,” Hilton said. “I wanted to help the cause. We all should care because of awareness. The more we know, the more research could be done.”

Education major Kayla Oigbokie joined the organization to learn more about breast cancer.

“I joined because I have family members who have breast cancer,” Oigbokie said. “You never know who it can affect. It could mostly be you. If you know more, you’ll be better prepared. So, get checked and get an exam.”

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