1. Non-student caught trespassing more than once Psychology Building

3693 Norriswood

A 26-year-old male was arrested after officers responded to a call about a suspicious person at the Psychology Building on Nov. 9. Officer Chanancy Donaldson wrote the report. The man had already been arrested once previously for trespassing. Officers took him into custody and transported him to jail.

2. Computer stolen in chemistry building

Smith Chemistry Building room 315 /3744 Walker Ave

A female student’s laptop was stolen after she left it in room 315 of Smith Chemistry Building on Nov. 8. Officer Claude Berry reported the laptop was not in the room when the 25-year-old student returned. The victim did not have a model or serial number of the property. Due to lack of evidence, there are no suspects at this time.

3. Boyfriend steals battery out of car after argument

South Lot / Rec Center / 3700 BLK Southern Ave.

A man vandalized his girlfriend’s car and tried to steal her purse after the couple had a heated argument on University of Memphis property on Nov. 8, according to a police report written by officer Yotis Norwood. The 34-year-old victim and her boyfriend were involved in an argument as he picked her up from work. Later, the victim said she saw the suspect under the hood of her vehicle, taking the battery and ripping out the radiator hose. The suspect also took the victim’s purse and was not on the scene when officers arrived. The battery was recovered. However, police services said they are unsure if the car was able to run afterwards.

4. ROTC students’ property stolen on Halloween

Hayden Hall 3795 Desoto

Two U of M Air Force ROTC students found their property missing after returning to the ROTC lounge, according to a campus police report by officer John Hudgens. One of the victims, a 19-year-old male, told police the belongings went missing overnight on Oct. 31 – Halloween. The report said the lounge doors were locked and had no sign of forced entry.

5. Student’s credit card charged at online hair store

Centennial Place 3615 Central

A female student’s credit card was used fraudulently, according to a campus police report written by officer Chanancy Donaldson. The 18-year-old victim noticed that her card had been used at an online hair store and was charged $45 on Nov. 6.

6. Bleacher stolen from Tiger Garden

Elma Roane Fieldhouse

A bleacher was stolen from the TIGUrS garden, according to a campus police report by officer Kelly Straub. Straub responded to a faculty member’s complaint on Nov. 5, who said he saw a class of students sitting on the bleacher five days before. The 58-year-old faculty member said he searched the area “in case the bleacher was re-located,” but was unsuccessful.

7. Student threatened by ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend

Carpenter Apartments 3896 Tiger Paw South

An 18-year-old female student told campus police that her ex-boyfriend, 20, and his new girlfriend, 18, had attempted to corner her into a physical altercation, according to a report by officer Scott Templeton. Templeton responded to the intimidation threat on Nov. 1 at Carpenter Apartments. The two suspects are not students at the university.

8. Approximately $263 stolen from a Student’s I.D.

Psychology Building 3693 Norriswood

A student discovered approximately $263 in Tiger Funds had been spent from his lost University I.D. card, according to a Nov. 3 campus police report by officer James Vickers. The male student last saw his card in the Psychology Building and discovered it was missing Sept. 8, but did not report the loss to police services that day.

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