Students gather in the FedExForum for commencement. This year, the crowds will be much smaller than in years prior.

With the spring 2021 semester coming to an end and graduation approaching, students reflect upon their experience at the UofM and look forward to graduation day while planning their futures. 

“The UofM was great,” said Jeremy Jackson, senior at the University of Memphis. “I made friends that I cherish and I met friends that changed my life. I’m thankful for everything.” 

As students overcame difficulties in their voyage towards graduation, the University of Memphis offered many resources to help students succeed. Although students experience life-changing challenges during college, graduation is the goal with often an ending and a new beginning. 

“The first couple of years of college is a big adjustment — people go through changes that can be difficult, but it’s how you handle that adversity that defines you,” said Josh Hamlet, finance major at the Fogelman College of Business and Economics minoring in Professional sales. “Even though the classes are extremely difficult, they have great resources, like the Bloomberg Terminal and study groups, and the counselors in Fogelman College of Business are always there to service students and do a great job at setting students up for success by helping them with their classes and curriculum.” 

Commencement day will be May 8 with a backup date of May 9 at the Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium. Graduation is an exciting time for Hamlet, along with his family and friends. 

“I am extremely excited and emotional about it because a lot of people made a lot of sacrifices for me to get here. I just want to do the best I can and make my family proud,” he said. 

Jackson said he is excited to graduate in May, but he is nervous that the social norm may be this way forever. 

Spring 2021 graduates will be required to wear masks during the ceremony. and there will be a six-ticket limit set by the Shelby County Health Department as the university continues to follow COVID-19 protocols. Ceremonies will also be streamed live at

Hamlet is focusing on medical sales and financial advising as two areas of interest. He said that he has a lot of opportunities in finance and sales, and he is narrowing down his best options. 

“The challenges that I have faced have set me up for a future that I’m excited about,” he said. “I’m really excited to see what will happen next.”

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