1. Vending machine glass broken

University of Memphis staff member Bruce Johnson reported a vending machine with its glass shattered in Manning Hall, according to a police report written by officer Claude Berry. 

Along with the broken glass, someone broke the “dollar bill changer” to the Pepsi machine, according to the report. The amount of snacks stolen is unknown, and the rest of the food from the vending machine was taken and tagged as evidence at 505 Zach Curlin, according to the report. 

2. Broken mirror in Living Learning Complex

A staff member reported a broken mirror in the Living Learning Complex, according to a police report written by officer Chanancy Donaldson. It appeared to be intentional, according to the report. No other information was available for this case.

3. Employee claims ex-boyfriend slashed her tires

A U of M employee called campus police to report her flat tires, according to a police report written by officer Claude Berry. The victim told police she thought her ex-boyfriend was responsible, according to the report. Police discovered two tires had been cut, according to the report. 

4. Student claims being assaulted by boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend

A woman sustained minor injuries after she was attacked in the parking lot on Southern Avenue, according to a police report written by officer Randy Phillips. The victim said she was punched from behind as she exited her vehicle, and she recognized the voice as her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend, according to the report. The suspect was not on the scene when police arrived. 

5. Student claims roomate stole clothes 

A 19-year-old student claimed her roommate stole her clothes after finding some of her missing items in her roommate’s possession, according to a police report written by officer Chanancy Donaldson. The victim said her roommate intended to resell her clothes, according to the report. The victim was able to get her clothes back. 

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