1. Man taken to jail for second trespassing violation

Officers were sent to Centennial Place to check out a suspicious individual loitering in the lobby March 25, according to a report filed by officer Laron Young. They discovered the suspect was 24-year-old Robert Mattox. According to the campus police report, he trespassed on the properties before. They arrested him, and he was transported to the Shelby County Criminal Justice Center.

Officers were working at a step show at the Rose Theatre on March 30, and they recognized Mattox again asking people for money, according to a report filed by officer Rickey Moore. The officers arrested him and again took him back to Shelby County Criminal Justice Center, according to the report.


2. Student’s missing ID has over $100 charged to it

A 20-year-old student told police March 30 his U of M Campus Card was used by an unknown person for a total of $151.37, according to a report written by officer Randy Phillips. A history of transactions showed it was used at locations on campus such as the bookstore, Panda Express and Tigers of Memphis restaurant, according to the report. The victim said he would try to find the exact times the card was used to help police find the culprit, but no suspects have been found, according to the report.


4. Student’s pants reported stolen

A 20-year-old student went to police April 2 after she noticed her black Adidas pants were missing from her laundry, according to a report written by officer Randy Phillips. The report said the victim told police she put her clothes in the dryer at 2 p.m. on the fourth floor in the Living Learning Complex. Two hours later, she came back to see her clothes on top of the dryer, and her pants were missing, according to the report.

The victim noticed a basket belonging to another student on the floor, and she questioned her about the missing pants, according to the report. The student said she did take her clothes out of  the dryer, but she did not take the victim’s pants, and no suspects or pants have been found, according to the report. 


5. Restaurant employee accuses student of embezzlement

A staff member at Tigers of Memphis restaurant told an officer April 2 about an attempted fraud in the restaurant, according to a report filed by officer James Vickers. The staff member told police a student tried to use a U of M ID that did not belong to him, and the student left before completing the transaction according to the report. The staff member also said she recognized the suspect as an employee in the University Center. No arrests have been made, but the case is under investigation, according to the crime report. 


6. Student has money and headphones stolen from dorm

An officer responded to a burglary from Carpenter Complex on April 2, according to a report by officer Martell Washington. The 19-year-old victim told police she had $200 and a pair of headphones stolen from her desk. The victim said in the report that she left her dorm at 6 p.m. She said was gone for only an hour when she returned to see her money and headphones were missing according to the report. The student also mentioned her door was locked, but she did not shut it completely. No suspects have been found, according to the report. 

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