Crime Log Map

1. Phone stolen after online meet-up

3800 BLK Desoto @ Zach Curlin

A female student almost lost her phone to a would-be thief she met online, according to a campus police report written by officer William Skinner on Sept 29.

The 20-year-old student said she was trying to sell the phone to a person she met online through the website “Offer Up.” The victim met up with the buyer at intersection of Desoto Street and Zach Curlin Street at around 8:45 p.m. according to the report.

“When the suspect was looking at her phone to buy, he turned and took off running to an awaiting car driven by the suspect’s brother,” Skinner wrote.

The victim waved down campus police who caught the suspect, a 16-year-old boy, and driver on Walker Avenue and Zach Curlin.

The victim’s $325.00 Samsung Galaxy S-6 was returned and the suspect was given a juvenile summons for theft of property. The suspect’s mother was called, but she was unable to come to the University of Memphis.

2 Unauthorized charges on student IDs Campus Recreation

624 Echels

According to a police report by Mark McClain, on Sept. 29, a student told to police services that he had lost his student identification at the Recreation Center. The 18-year-old said that several unauthorized charges were made to the card at multiple places on campus. The case still is under investigation.

University Center

499 University Ave

Another student said that his student ID was taken on Oct. 4, according to a police report written by Sgt. Scott Templeton. According to the report, the 18-year-old student said his card was taken at the University Center and used fraudulently for multiple purchases before he realized it was missing and deactivated his card.

3. Fire in Smith Chemistry Building

Smith Chemistry Building / 3744 Walker Ave

A student caused a small fire on the second floor of the Smith Hall chemistry building on Oct. 7, according to a police report written by officer John Hudgens.

The student was apparently using hot plate to melt wax in a beaker, left the room and “forgot about it,” according to the police report.

“The wax caught fire and a student in another room smelled it at the time the alarm went off and put the fire out,” Hudgens wrote. “It did create a large amount of smoke.”

The Memphis Fire Department had to use ventilation fans to clear out large amount of smoke from the second floor. A U of M Hazmat Specialist said there was no toxic materials involved in the fire, according to the report. The student who allegedly started the fire was “known by instructors,” though not named in the report.

The instructors “will deal with the student,” the report said.

In an email to The Daily Helmsman, Derek Myers, chief of campus police said that the general findings of the instructors’ investigation “recommend giving specific instructions on hot plate use settings (use lower heat), making certain everyone is up to date on the location and proper use of all fire suppression devices and equipment, and how to clear smoke quickly using the exhaust hoods inside the labs as general ventilation after the fire is out.”

4. Roommate brawl at Rawls

Rawls Hall / 415 State St.

Two students were caught fighting in Rawls Hall, according to a campus police report police report by officer Castell Jordan on Oct 9. A 19-year-old witness said she saw two female roommates fighting in the student dorm and broke up the fight, according to the report. When police arrived, the students were in separate areas of the building, Jordan wrote.

One student said she did not know why the other had attacked her, according to the report.

The alleged attacker seemed to be intoxicated, according to the report, and admitted to drinking off campus. She was removed from campus by family members, the report said Officers said neither person was injure, and the roommates did not want to prosecute each other.

5. Missing backpack outside the

University Center

University Center / 499 University Avenue

A student said he laid his backpack on the ground outside the University Center on the west side and realized his backpack was no longer outside the UC the following day, according to a report by Stephen Grisham on Oct.10. The UC desk said the student that no one had turned in a backpack, according to the report.

6. Laptop, TV, and backpack stolen at Carpenter

Carpenter Apartments 

3894 Tiger Paw South

According to a report by officer Kelly Straub, police responded to a burglary at Carpenter Complex on Oct. 12. An 18-year-old student said that her backpack, laptop, and television were taken from her room by unknown person(s), according to the report.

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