Homecoming banner stolen at Central & Patterson

A homecoming banner was stolen and cut down from the University of Memphis on Oct. 25, according to a report written by officer Robert Frans. A Physical Plant staff member notified the officer of the banner being removed at Central Avenue and Patterson Street.

Two days later, the banner was replaced and then stolen again. However, this time, the suspect removed both the PVC piping and the banner, according to a second report written by officer Kelly Straub. There are currently no suspects or witnesses. 

Theft at U of M bookstore 

Books were stolen at the U of M bookstore on Oct. 26. According to the campus police report written by officer James Greenleaf, an employee watched the suspect pass through the aisles and put two books inside of his clothes.

As the suspect left, the store’s alarm went off. After being confronted, the suspect denied stealing any items and continued to walk out of the store. Officers searched for him but were unsuccessful in finding the suspect. 

Tires stolen off of student’s bike

 A student’s bicycle tires were stolen at 505 Zach Curlin on Oct. 28, according to a report written by officer James Vickers. The victim said his bike was chained to a rack at Ned R. McWherter Library.

The victim also stated that he rides the bike on campus during the day and leaves it locked at night. When he arrived to school one day, he found his tires and frame removed. However, he didn’t report the robbery until later. After speaking with his mother, they both went to Campus Police Services and filed the report.

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Timmy Barnett

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