Peeping tom uses iPhone in UC restroom

While sitting on the toilet, a 21-year-old male student saw someone with a red iPhone take photos of him from over the University Center restroom stall, according to a campus police report written officer Kelly Straub. The victim could not tell what the suspect was wearing. He said he was the only person in the restroom until the suspect came in. The case is still under investigation.

Peeking into Carpenter Complex

A 21-year-old male student allegedly peeked into and possibly tried to lift windows in Carpenter Complex, according to a report written by officer Scott Templeton. Police located a male who fit the description of the suspect.

The victims were advised to speak with detectives about obtaining a warrant because the offense is a misdemeanor, and it did not occur in the police’s presence. The case was referred to student conduct.

Male Suspect Allegedly Peeps in Women’s Bathroom

The same 21-year-old male suspect as in the previous report allegedly peeked into a women’s restroom stall in the Art and Communication Building, according to a police report written by officer Kelly Straub.

The victim was in a restroom stall when the suspect entered the restroom and stared at her through a crack in the door, the report said. When the victim asked the suspect what he was doing, he entered the next-door stall and stared at her from a gap in the door.

The victim left the restroom immediately and located a faculty member in the hallway. The suspect was last seen walking by the Subway restaurant at the Art and Communication building where the incident happened. The suspect neither made physical contact nor any verbal threats.

Same suspect exposes self in library

The same suspect as the previous two reports was reported to police for allegedly exposing himself to a female student at the Ned R. McWherter Library, according to a police report written by officer Kelly Straub.

The victim was told a detective would contact her about obtaining a warrant, and the case was referred to student conduct.


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